What is Holiness Missions to America?

Our History

 In the beginning, a homeless mission outreach church was started. It grew very quickly. God blessed and saved many. In the first few months of the program, there were dozens of homeless, drug addicts, drug dealers, prostitutes, alcoholics and mental patients being saved and delivered. It was overwhelming. The finger of God touched it. With many ideas that were new to modern churches but old to the church as a whole, and a handful of about 25 people (mostly young ministers and their families) the work was up and running.

     As the local staff worked for God in Tulsa and Creek counties in Oklahoma, Rev. Sloggett (still evangelizing) took these ideas around the country and preached them in pulpits and taught them in cars, diners, living rooms, fellowship halls and street corners. A small group of loosely affiliated ministries began to use these ideas and even morph or expand them to fit their own communities needs. This taught Rev. Sloggett even more. He began to use certain Biblical principals to “Diagnose” a communities needs and then work with local churches, community organizers, and governments on how to meet these needs Biblically.

     Eventually, God began to knit hearts and minds together around the country. Today we have HMA churches and HMA works scattered all over the eastern two-thirds of the United States. There are over 180 volunteer staffers. 40+ of them are in the greater Tulsa area alone. They come from over twenty different churches and multiple denominations. The support for these workers comes from everywhere imaginable, and God always gets the Glory.

     Now we are focused on expanding our current outreaches, helping others start and build theirs, learning from our experiences all of the time and being the tools that the churches need to fight against problems that have been ignored too long or just plain too difficult for the saints to handle.  OH, for the many times that I have been told, “I wish we would have had this when so and so had their problem”, "I wish the church could have done this when such and such lost out”.....

Well, Guess what?  NOW we have it, and NOW we do it!!!

Who We Are

Holiness Missions to America is a 501(C)-3 Non-Profit Corporation. HMA was formally founded by Rev. D. Todd Sloggett in 2007 in Sapulpa, Ok.
Rev. Sloggett has an extensive background in this type of work for well over 15 years.