Rev. D. Todd Sloggett


Holiness Missions to America

     Rev. D. Todd Sloggett was born and raised in the Pacific North West of the United States. His youth was extremely troubled as he learned of life the hard way. He had his own personal bouts with alcoholism as well as many other forms of chemical addiction. He was a street punk, a gang-member, and a habitual fighter, at a very young age.
     Rev. Sloggett met a young lady at the age of 15 that became his only “guiding light” for the following decade. At 18, he and Niki married. Todd still struggled with most of his problems for several more years. At age 25, with two sons and another one on the way, he turned his alcoholism, his drug abuse, his marital problems, his past and everything else over to Jesus Christ. He was almost immediately engulfed in a brand new drive. “Study”!
     Mr. Sloggett became a book worm of extreme proportion. History, science, war, drug and of course Bible knowledge became his passion. His favorite subject from the very onset…New Testament Biblical outreach!!! Brother Sloggett was preaching in the local church in Wilder, ID. within about five months of his conversion. He had received sanctification and the infilling of the Holy Ghost within weeks prior to his accepting the call into the ministry. After a couple of years of ministering part time for the local church, preaching, teaching and doing random outreach ministry, (nursing home services, homeless shelter services, preaching at stop lights), Todd, Niki and their now three sons and a daughter, sold everything they had, and left out from Nyssa, OR. in a borrowed truck and trailer.

     The Sloggett family traveled all over the United States preaching revivals, holding tent meetings, preaching on street corners, in jails and anything that they could find to do for the kingdom of Heaven. Several years on the circuit began to teach Todd some things to incorporate with his past, his studies and his calling. God began to show him a pattern of thought and action that he felt would become his life's work. IT DID!
     In 2007 the Sloggett’s settled down in Sapulpa, OK. Brother Todd then proceeded to hand pick some of his inner circle that would eventually become the core group of his new efforts. In February 2008 they launched their new work. In the borrowed back room of a little Holiness church in the shadow of down town Tulsa, Todd Sloggett, Earl Wayne Krumsiek and a handful of others, brought eight homeless people in a newly donated 15 passenger van, and they had church. They then sat down and ate together and talked about how to help each one that came in the van and then they took them outside and gave them coats, sweatshirts, shoes, socks and other necessities. The group was prayed for and then taken back to the streets and promised that they would be helped some more. Holiness Missions to America was born!
     Within just a few weeks, they were running three vans on Tuesday night and Friday night. Services were very high. Drug addicts, prostitutes, drug dealers, mental patients, and runaways were coming to, praying and being delivered in services all the time. God was saving and healing meth addicts in almost every service for weeks and months on end. By this time the HMA services were running around 50 to 70 people at a time, mostly drug addicts and a lot of homeless people.
     Pastor Darrel Toliver, who is Reverend Sloggett’s pastor, had always been very aggressive toward outreach and he and an associate of his, who just happened to be Brother Todd’s cousin, Sister Jan Hite, approached Todd with an idea for a Sunday Morning Outreach that was linked to some work that they had done in the past. Todd helped with the idea and even preached the first service. Then something happened. God took control and the whole thing began to morph into something that none of them could have fully imagined. The outreach took on a life of its own. Different people would come and then invite others. Some would drive, some would call to get rides, vans were sent, a school bus was incorporated. Brother Todd brought Earl Wayne in. Before they knew it, they had a full-time Sunday morning ministry to the homeless and the ultra poor of the greater Tulsa area. To this day, every Sunday morning, vans go out, buses go out, paper work is filled out, huge meals are prepared, served and eaten, somewhere between 75 to 125 homeless people are preached to and ministered to with food, song, clothing, fellowship etc. Eventually, Brother Jeff Armbrister took the helm of this Sunday morning service while Brother Todd passed the reigns of the mid-week services on to Earl Wayne, Art Hartman and the rest of the crew.
     This taught Todd Sloggett a valuable lesson. This thing could be taught, encouraged and spread around. The man that about 400 homeless people in down town Tulsa simply refer to as Pastor Todd, went to Florida, Texas, other parts of Oklahoma, Virginia, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Missouri and many other places, preaching, teaching and sharing this basic thought process that has been lost in the shuffle of modern day Churchianity. Above all else, God wants souls. Rather than preach doctrine here on this page, you can hear all of the preaching and teaching you want on our online sermons.
     Todd helped re-found Covenant Holiness Church in Tavares, FL. They eventually moved back to their original location and are still thriving in Center Hill, Fl.  This church is an active HMA member church, and it's Pastor is the current Webmaster of  He went to Perryton, TX.  and co-founded a meth awareness church group with Pastor Jeff Owen and his wife, called Jacob’s Ladder. The Jacob’s Ladder platform has been used all over the country. He went to Lawton, OK and worked with Pastor Brandon Murray and the Holiness church there in Lawton and they pick up prisoners and other people in the community and bring them to church and work with them. Brother Sloggett was asked to come to Jersey, GA. and lay all the ground work to start a homeless mission church there and he did and it is doing wonderfully since its inception. It is called “The House of Hope”. And many, many other works that have been started.
     In the last several years HMA and its affiliates have setup a board of trustees, put in officers, rented, leased and purchased buildings, received and purchased vans, buses, pickups and trailers, started a mission operated furniture/thrift store, clothing banks, food banks, been the tools used of God to see hundreds of drug addicts, thousands of homeless, hundreds of prostitutes, pimps and drug dealers, thousands of gang members, dozens and dozens of runaways and mental patients, seek and get help from God. Many were saved and having total life conversions. Todd Sloggett has been used by dozens of church denominations and independent churches to teach, preach and give insight on more meaningful outreach and how to disciple these types of people after conversion.
     Todd has been used of the Lord to specialize in several areas. They are very difficult areas to minister in but Reverend Sloggett seems to excel in them when others struggle. He preaches and teaches often on the problems with church politics, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, sexual perversions, science, and medicine. He has been called upon often to head up boards for sobriety houses, counsel drug addicts, those that live with and or have relations with addicts, marriage counseling, work relations counseling, teach at Christian colleges and public high schools. He has given his services to Republican groups, city, state and federal officials, community service groups and churches all over North America, never charging for his services or being paid anything but donations.
     HMA teaches New Testament Biblical Outreach, runs services, provides services to get jobs, job training, housing, disability, hearing aids and many, many other services.
     Todd is currently amassing a small web presence with this website, his blog, his and his organizations Facebook pages and many sermons that can be listened to. We are in the process of trying to put together some written, audio and video material also that will be available on this site.
     Brother Sloggett still lives in a little double wide trailer and drives a donated car that was wrecked and fixed back up and given to the mission. He and his family believe in living simple, sanctified and accountable to others. Todd is a man with great presence and tremendous authority but he is a man under authority as well. Todd wanted to mention his gratitude to his wife Niki, his sons Justin, Sean and Branden, his daughter Tirzah, his three Pastors, the first of which being his father in the Lord, his west coast family and all of those that have stuck with him through his stupidity, lack of wisdom and his ignorance.
     Rev. D. Todd Sloggett wanted desperately to mention all of the people that helped get him and HMA to the place that they are today. They are of course far too many to mention but please know that you all are so personally valuable to him and each of us.
God Bless You.